Cabin Air Filters

The air in urban areas contains large quantities of dust, pollen, soot and other particles, as well as gases which are harmful to health. More and more people are suffering from allergies and are increasingly aware of the subject of air conditioning and cabin filters. As a result, more vehicles leave the factory already fitted with cabin filters.


In Germany, 10,000 vehicles per day are fitted with cabin filters as standard, and this trend is increasing. Original MANN-FILTER cabin filters are very highly regarded by the vehicle manufacturers.


MANN-FILTER cabin filters remove virtually all pollen and other unwanted particles, as well as harmful gases (adsotop® combi-filters) from the air, thus ensuring a better atmosphere inside the vehicle. This is particularly important for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and for children.

Particle filters

The particle filter keeps dust and particles such as pollen, diesel soot or tyre dust away from the interior of the vehicle. It is important to obtain the maximum possible filtration performance in the space available. With MANN-FILTER, that goes without saying. Through the special pleating technique, the actual filtration area is increased without having to change the size of the filter. Laboratory tests confirm that up to 95% of dust particles and pollen are almost completely retained.

MANN-FILTER adsotop® combi-filter

The MANN-FILTER adsotop® combi-filter has an additional function, compared with the particle filter. The activated charcoal layer embedded in the nonwoven adsorbs, like asponge, harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, fuels and ozone into pores which are 10,000 times finer than a human hair. That is how the combi-filter ensures a healthy cabin environment.


This modern filter consists of a nonwoven-based particle filter media, an activated charcoal layer and a carrier media to improve stability.

The mounting instructions for MANN-FILTER cabin filters

The cabin filter is fitted in different places, depending on the type of vehicle. In some cases it is even hard to find.


The practical MANN-FILTER installation instructions supplied with cabin filters for every type of passenger car make your job easier.


Advantages to you:

  • Immediate location of the fitting position

  • Fast and easy assembly thanks to step-by-step explanations

With these instructions, you save time and cost. Replacing the filter is therefore worthwhile for both customer and garage. The instructions are also available on CD-ROM.

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