Fuel Filters

The basic requirement for problem-free motoring is clean fuel. The fuel arrives in the injection system or in the carburetor via the fuel pump. Particularly in modern injection systems, dirt particles in the fuel cause increased wear. The water content in the fuel can also cause serious damage as a result of corrosion. At worst, this can result in the complete failure of the injection system, bringing the vehicle to a standstill. Wear on the injection system or on the carburetor results in a considerable increase in fuel consumption and in impaired engine performance.


Modern injection systems such as common rail or pump injector need innovative solutions, tailored to the new design. MANN-FILTER rises to the challenge of all the demands made by the automotive industry with a fuel filter range of the highest quality.


Functions of MANN-FILTER Fuel Filters:

MANN-FILTER fuel filters provide operational safety for engines
they reliably protect the highly delicate injection mechanism and the carburettor
they remove from the fuel unwanted contaminants such as dust, rust or water which cause wear
they protect the injection system from corrosion

To carry out functions reliably in all respects, filters need to be fine and of very high quality. With MANN-FILTER, that goes without saying. The new media series "Multigrade“ has already smoothed the way to the filtration of the fuel.



Spin-on fuel filters  

They form one unit consisting of housing and filter element. The whole unit is replaced during maintenance:

spin-on fuel filter in standard version
version with water drain plug
special shapes with a connecting branch
special shapes with connection for water level indicator


Fuel line filters (inline)

These filters are mounted in the fuel line. The housing and filter element form one unit which is replaced during maintenance.

Versions of fuel line filters:

plastic inline fuel filters
metal inline fuel filters


Fuel filter elements

They are replaceable and are located in a separate housing integrated in the engine:

fuel filter elements as standard in DIN housing with paper or felt filter media
centre-bolt filter
special filter shapes

The MANN-FILTER evotop® is particularly eco-friendly, as it is metal-free. It is made of one material and does not create any ash when disposed of in a thermal process.

Benefits of evotop®:

reduced use of raw materials
kinder to the environment with less waste during maintenance
waste disposal problems are eased

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