Other Filters
In addition to the standard filters for air, oil, fuel, and the vehicle interior, the MANN-FILTER range of products also contains other filters:

air-drying boxes: for drying out the compressed air in the braking systems of commercial vehicles
water filters: to protect the coolant circuit from deposits, usually caused by particles in suspension
gearbox oil filters: ensure clean gearbox oil and thus durably reliable shifting by all automatic gearboxes
PreLine® pre-filter system: extracts water from diesel fuel and thus protects all the components of the injection system


Air Dryer Cartridges

In the field of safety, brakes are amongst the most important components of a vehicle and dry, clean air is particularly important for the pneumatic braking systems on trucks and buses in order to protect the system from corrosion and malfunctions. The MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge solves this problem. These boxes guarantee the best possible protection for the brakes on account of their excellent function and quality.

The advantages of the MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge speak for themselves:

highest possible resistance to pressure and pulsation
highest possible rigidity to vibration
premium quality desiccant with the highest possible drying performance, abrasion resistance, and water-resistance
improved oil separation
highest possible quality of sealing material
great corrosion protection
best possible braking reliability.



Cooling water filters

To prevent the engine from getting too hot the cooling water has the job of conducting away the heat generated by its operation, both in conditions of extreme winter cold and in the full heat of summer.

If the cooling system is to work reliably the fine channels in the engine block must be kept free of any accumulation of contaminant. This is where MANN-FILTER cooling water filters show their capability. They filter the suspended particles out so that only clean cooling water flows through the capillaries in the engine. This guarantees the best cooling of the engine.


High-performance, state-of-the-art technology is now used for fuel-injection systems in diesel-powered vehicles. This means that the requirements relating to diesel filtration have increased substantially. Both ultrafine particles and large quantities of water must be separated efficiently from the fuel.

The advantages of the PreLine® pre-filter system are:

stable, perfect water separation
high function integration
high dynamic rigidity
efficieFlexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment

Centrifuge Rotors 

Some of the soot particles formed as a by-product of combustion get past the piston rings and penetrate into the crankcase, where they are absorbed into the lubricating oil. Modern lubricating oils contain additives which retain the soot particles in suspension, thus preventing sludge formation in the engine. However, as the concentration of soot increases, the oil becomes more viscous, which reduces its lubricating capacity. Furthermore, the soot particles essentially consist of carbon – they are therefore very hard and accelerate wear considerably. As a result, to minimise engine wear, the concentration of soot particles in the lubricating oil must be kept as low as possible.
Full-flow filtration cannot be carried out, due on the one hand to the risk of blocking of the filter, and on the other hand due to the impractical effort of filtering out the small soot particles (1 µm). The solution lies in the bypass filtration process, in which a portion of the lubricating oil is filtered separately to a high standard. One of the most effective processes in bypass filtration is to clean the oil through centrifuging.

How centrifuges operate

Centrifuge rotation is achieved by taking approximately 10 percent of the oil supplied by the oil pump and then forcing it through two tangentially opposed nozzles. Depending on the temperature and viscosity of the oil centrifuge, speeds of more than 10,000 r.p.m. can be achieved.
Dirt and soot particles within the oil as well as wear metal particles which are more dense than the oil, are pressed to the outer wall of the centrifuge through centrifugal force. Here they are compacted into a layer – building up a deposit at the wall.
It is therefore not the size of the dirt particles which is crucial, but only the difference in density of the particles to the oil.

Centrifuge rotors reliably purify oils from smallest solid particles such as dust, abraded metal, soot particles etc.


ProVent® - Crankcase Emission Solution

ProVent® is MANN+HUMMEL's newest innovation for crankcase ventilation. It is specifically designed to accommodate the latest generation of turbo-charged engines and has the following advantages over existing solutions:

Highly efficient oil separation as a closed as well as an open system providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream

Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems

Universal usage: exceptional for variable flow rates

Flexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment

Compact design

Light and robust design

Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure

No electrical energy required

Low running costs



Vacuum Pumps

Design and function
This model is designed for flows from the inside to the outside.  The listed available air/oil separators are particularly suitable for integrated fitting in oil flooded vane vacuum pumps.  The installation position can be chosen freely.

Pressure resistance
The air/oil separators for vacuum pumps are designed for differential pressures of up to at least 1.5 bar (21.7 PSI).

Separator efficiency
The residual oil content at nominal air flow is approx. 1 to 3 mg/m3.

Service life
The rise in flow resistance and thus service life primarily depend on the cleanness of the oil and the quality of the air filter.  A service life of several thousand hours can be achieved with a well-functioning system.

Fitting advice
The full separation efficiency of the air/oil separators is only available fully when there is no leakage between the wet and dry sides.

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